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One Year of Dutchification

This time one year ago I became a Nederlander. Exactly one year ago. So, you are wondering, just how much Dutchification has taken place during the last year? Do I, you ask, now feel more Dutch than I did a year ago? And what, you wonder, have I done to celebrate this momentous occasion? Well… Continue reading One Year of Dutchification

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Stop the Overcrowding in Dutch Classrooms

Yesterday the LIA (Leraren in Actie) handed over a petition to the Dutch government with 45,000 signatures against the continued overcrowding in Dutch classrooms. It's an issue that has been on the teachers' agenda for a number of years, but there's no money to implement policies that would make a difference. At least that is what the… Continue reading Stop the Overcrowding in Dutch Classrooms

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Raising Children With a Broad World View

Moving countries changes your world perspective. And it changes the way you parent. It has an impact on your children. And I believe it's a positive one. My three boys are Dutch through and through. Their dual nationality is predominantly on paper. They were born in the Netherlands, speak Dutch fluently, go to a Dutch… Continue reading Raising Children With a Broad World View