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Baby Boxes – Gratis!

If you’re pregnant in the Netherlands there are freebies to be had – and if you are even a little bit integrated and living like a Dutchie.. then gratis is good! Very good!

Baby Boxes - Gratis!You can sign up for baby boxes which contain free samples and small gifts, as well as discount vouchers and information about baby related items and issues. This gives you a chance to sample leading brands before you commit to buying them – particularly handy if you are pregnant with your first baby.

Prenatal and Etos both do baby boxes (one before and one after the birth). Prenatal offers the “blije doos” which you can collect when you are around seven months pregnant, and the “baby doos” when your new arrival is around three months old.

Etos do a Zwanger Box (which can be collected from your nearest Etos shop up to week 34 of your pregnancy) and a Baby Box when your baby is around three months old.

In the boxes you will find dummies, bibs, comforters, formula samples (for 6 months plus as companies may not legally give out free formula samples meant for the first few months of a baby’s life), parenting magazines, bottles, creams and nappies. it provides a great little cache of baby items to get you started – and best of all at no cost!

Are these baby boxes offered in other countries too?


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