challenges of motherhood

The Start of The Era of Me – A Guest Post for The European Mama

The climb to the top of the parenting hill
Photo Credit: Andrzej Pobiedziński

I have written a guest post for Olga over at The European Mama on the topic of motherhood and how it gets easier. I wrote from the top of a parenting hill I’d been climbing for more than six years and the view from the top was great. Six and a half years of pregnancies, births, tiny hands and feet and helpless faces. But that is all changing. I’m welcoming in a little time for me. Of course, from the top of that same hill I see more hills to be tackled in the future but one day at a time……. celebrate the little things!

“It finally feels like my time has come. A new era of me has begun. After three years of doing things almost exclusively in my “mama” role the last month or two have been more about me…..” Hop over to The European Mama to read the rest of the post and bathe in the light at the end of the parenting tunnel.


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