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Same Sex Marriage Through the Eyes of a Seven Year Old

My seven year old explained to me that he was making a flower in school, teamed up with a classmate. Another boy came over to them in the classroom and told them their flower looked more like a tree and my son told me this made him cross. After a discussion about the important thing being how he felt about his flower, he said he hoped I would like it. I assured him I would, and his classmate’s mother would like his flower too.

Same Sex Marriage Through the Eyes of a Seven Year Old“He’s got two mothers. No father, but two mothers,” he said very matter of factly. He then stated, more talking to himself than me, that he didn’t know if his friend saw his father.

“Maybe his mum didn’t love his dad anymore,” he said. I waited for his questions, which I could see forming in his whirring head.

“Are girls allowed to marry girls?” He asked.

I told him that it’s allowed here in the Netherlands, as is two men marrying. But, I told him, in some countries it is not allowed legally.

“Where is it not allowed?” he asked.

“Some States in America. Some African countries.” I replied.

“How did they allow it here?” he asked.

“The leaders of the country got together and made it legal.” I said.

“Ah, ok. But why do people marry?” he asked.

I gave him my best ‘when people love each other’ speech. And he trundled upstairs satisfied with his new knowledge on marriage around the world.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all saw things like same sex marriage through the eyes of a child?

No judgement, no whys. Just acceptance. It is what it is.


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