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Dutched Up! Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

It’s here! It’s available! Dutched Up! Isn’t it beautiful?
What is Dutched Up!? I hear you cry. Dutched Up! is the next book you should read. It’s a beautifully written, heartfelt, honest anthology written by women expat bloggers in the Netherlands who have been through the ups and the downs of expat life – and lived to tell their tales. 
I’m one of those women. And I’m so excited I could burst. But I’m trying to be very British and modest about it all. I would like to fling open a window here and scream, “I’m an author. I’m in a book.” But I won’t because that’s really not very British at all. But believe me, I am VERY excited. 
Anyway, as I was saying. This book is about expat life in the Netherlands. From giving birth to doing the shopping, from doctors to marriage, the ins and outs of expat life in the land of the Dutch are covered by those that live here, who have married here, given birth Dutch style, grown to love their kraamzorg here, made wonderful friends here and who have come to know everything there is to know about bitterballen and paracetamol.
If you’re an expat in the Netherlands, you need this book. If you are thinking about becoming an expat in the Netherlands, you need this book. If you have any vague Dutch connection at all, you need this book. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say, if you read books, you need this book.
At the moment it is available for Kindle on Amazon, and you can get your mitts on by clicking on the  lovely link below: 

9 thoughts on “Dutched Up! Rocking the Clogs Expat Style”

  1. I just bought it 🙂 I only know the Netherlands via a couple of blogs I'm reading, including yours of course! I've been to Amsterdam once, and I'm an expat, so yeah, I definitely have enough connections to enjoy the book 🙂 Congratulations on your feature, can't wait to read it!


  2. Anne, I hope you enjoy it. I think it's a good read for expats everywhere – the rawness and fragility of living in a country not your own is something every expat can relate to. And if you like it please leave a review on Amazon, or on your blog. Or both 🙂


  3. Hi Amanda,
    Congratulations! I was recommended this by a friend who is living in Amsterdam, downloaded it yesterday, looking forward to reading it.


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