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23 Wonderful Things about England and the English

Today is St George’s Day and to mark it here are 23 things that are wonderful about England and all those who live within her.

23 Wonderful Things about England and the English

1. English Breakfast

This is undoubtedly the best kind of breakfast there is. Sausages. Bacon. Fried bread. Eggs. Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Baked Beans. Yum.

2. Queuing

If there is one thing the English know how to do it’s form a good solid queue, and stick to it. None of this free for all nonsense the Dutch employ.

3. London

The sights of England’s capital are quite something else. All the usual tourist trap landmarks make London what it is. Think Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guard, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. There’s nothing like it.

4. Fish & Chips

You never quite appreciate fish and chips until they disappear from your life. This is one appreciation I have passed on to my Dutch sons – battered fish and proper chips.

5. Gorgeous Beaches

It wasn’t until I took my Dutch family to Cornwall that I realised just how well endowed England is in the beach department.

Whether it’s sand, rocks or pebbles you like on a beach, or even cliffs and coves, England has it along her shores. And whilst we are on the topic of beaches the English sure know how to make a real day out of a trip to the beach.

6. Marmite

England is the birthplace of Marmite, Burton upon Trent to be precise. Love it or hate it? We’re predominantly a family of Marmite lovers.

7. Bonfire Night

The 5th of November is one English cultural activity I do miss. There’s nothing quite like Bonfire Night.

8. Quaintness

England is the queen of quaintness, littered with little (and big) places that can only be described as quaint. Like Haworth, Grassington, Clovelly and Stratford upon Avon. That’s quaint with a capital Q.

9. Passion for the Beautiful Game

The English love football. Supporters live and breathe the national game, despite there being very little international success on the football pitch since 1966. That’s dedication and passion for you. Premier League football even dominates Christmas and New Year – and that whilst the Dutch players are taking a break for winter.

10. Pubs

English pubs are like no other; the atmosphere, the beer, the crisps, the sticky tables.

In every nation there are attempts to replicate the Englishness of a good English pub but most attempts can be written off as outright failures.

11. The Royal Family

What is there not to love about this real life, albeit involuntary, English soap opera? The cast spans generations, there’s adultery, divorce, weddings and births galore – and intrigue. Will she, won’t she?

12. Regional Differences

There are amazing variations in accents, food and customs from county to county across the length and breadth of England. Compare a Cornish accent to the dulcet tones of a Geordie to appreciate what I mean. English culture is varied and rich.

13. English People are Bonkers

Seriously, the English are completely nuts. In a loveable way. From beach behaviour to Morris dancing they are a few sandwiches short of a good picnic. Read this if you are still not convinced: 9 Weird British Things

14. Christmas

The English know how to do Christmas in style.

15. The English Keep You On Your Toes

At times it is impossible to know what an English person actually means when they say something. Beating around the bush is a national pastime so life is never dull around an Englishman. Even with a simple ‘how are you?’ the English keep you guessing.

16. Rolling Green Hills

The English countryside is beautiful. The hills are plentiful and stunning. Now that I live in a land as flat as can be I certainly appreciate the rolling green hills of England.

17. Top Gear

Ok, so things went a little downhill and kind of petered out but Top Gear was certainly entertaining.

18. Sense of Humour

What isn’t there to love about sarcasm and self depreciation?

19. A Sense of History

You can bathe in history in England – quite literally in the Roman town of Bath, more literary in Jane Austen’s Hampshire and deep down in the abandoned mines of Cornwall. There’s the mystery of Stonehenge, castles, museums and cathedrals galore.

20. Downton Abbey

Any country that Downton Abbey is filmed in has to be wonderful, right?

21. Sunday Roasts

Sunday lunch growing up consisted of a roast dinner and a wonderful homemade pudding. Those memories are ones I cherish. Meat, roast potatoes, vegetables and lots of gravy followed by apple crumble and custard. *salivates*

23 Wonderful Things about England and the English

22. Benedict Cumberbatch

I don’t think I need to elaborate.

Over to You: So there you have it – what would you add?


5 thoughts on “23 Wonderful Things about England and the English”

  1. Well, I'm not sure about 7 and 18, but love all the others! I still don't get why people don't really celebrate St. George's day here though. They hardly mention it in the schools and my husband has never once talked about it and has no memories of celebrating it as a child growing up in England. Same with St. Patrick's day. Never gets a mention and yet in the US, it's huge.


  2. Ah not a Jeremy Clarkson fan then….. and Marmite is definitely an acquired taste – love it or hate it! 😋 You need to go to Ireland if you want a St Pats's party – is nothing for the English of course! And St George's? There's been calls to make it a holiday and a proper celebration for as long as I can remember – without success. I don't know why it's like it is.


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