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Halloween Dutch Style

Halloween tends to get bigger every year in the Netherlands. Fifteen years ago when I arrived on Dutch shores the word Halloween was barely uttered in the month of October. Now it’s common to see Halloween related goodies in the shops and the odd spookily decorated house towards the end of this month.
A few years ago my neighbourhood started organising a spot of trick or treating for the children and for the last two years our school has also marked Halloween in some way. It’s growing in popularity, that’s for sure. Β 

Does your Dutch neighbourhood mark Halloween? Or do you join in celebrations for Sint Maarten on the 11th November? Did you do anything for Halloween in your home country? I’d love to hear about your Halloween then and now!

8 thoughts on “Halloween Dutch Style”

  1. I agree Halloween is definitely getting more popular, even in my very Dutch non expat world here in Rijnsburg. We went out last night to some friends and neighbours and saw other children out and about too and parties in houses. It is definitely growing in popularity. #mysundayphoto


  2. I'm not a great fan of Halloween but it appears I may be in a minority. Everywhere you look there's in the UK has everything you could possibly want for Halloween.
    I do feel for any little ones who don't like scary things (I include myself here) because there's no escape from it.
    Have a great Sunday and thanks for sharing.


  3. Dear all, I come from Toronto where Halloween is very big. before coming to the Netherlands, I worked for a big telecom company and my employer had it's annual Halloween competition for the Best Halloween Costume. Employees were invited to wear their costumes on that day and some departments used this as a great occasion for partying all day long:-)
    Unfortunately, I reside here near the Bible Belt area and any Halloween-related activity is received with very little enthusiasm (to put it mildly). I have an American colleague and she threw a Halloween party for all expat children.


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