Britain, British, Expat

You Know You’re a British Expat When…….

You can take a Brit out of Britain, but you can’t always take the Brit out of the Brit….even when a Brit no longer lives in Britain……

You know you're a British Expat when....


7 thoughts on “You Know You’re a British Expat When…….”

  1. A friend of mine is coming to Pretoria next week for a conference. I have asked her to bring Marmite (they sell it here but it tastes yeuch), oxo cubes and Yorkshire tea 🙂 We are lucky with the shops though – we have Woolworths which is basically M&S. I haven't checked out their knickers yet, mind….


  2. Your list makes me realise how very un-British and how very much a TCK I am. I love creme eggs but have never eaten a Fray Bentos pie in my life! I don't drink tea, don't talk about the rain, love cold beer and don't have strong feelings about queuing!!! But I do carry a British passport…it's just that I've lived out of UK for waaaaaaay longer than I ever lived there. Fun list Amanda, thanks for hosting the linky.


  3. Ah yes, my British husband is always wanting good cups of tea and real British bacon whenever we are traveling outside of England! I have not picked this up (am vegetarian for one thing) but could care less about tea, I'm a coffee drinker. BUT I can relate because I'm always trying the source the best peanut butter, chocolate chips for baking and Mac and Cheese substitute over here. Great blog post Amanda. #ExpatLifeLinky


  4. That last comment from unknown is from me, Meghan Fenn AKA Bringing Up Brits. I've changed my google profile because I changed my company which is why my profile is showing as unknown. Need to fix it!


  5. This list reminds me of all my wonderful British friends in Paris! We English speakers would all clump together at work, but as soon as there were more Brits or Americans, the other side would be totally clueless about the foods and stores we missed the most! Happy to find your link-up!


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