Gone Dutch and Now What?

Last Wednesday Dutch nationality was bestowed upon me. And given that I can now call myself both British and Dutch it is no longer applicable to call myself an expat. Which is a bit of a buggar when your blog is called Expat Life with a Double Buggy. “Ex-expat with no
Double Buggy’ is more appropriate these days. So now what?
Gone Dutch and Now What?

First, a couple of photos from the naturalisation ceremony that took place. I was incredibly stressed about the ceremony but I am happy to report that it was actually a fantastic experience – even fun!






So, having now become Dutch (at least on paper) I am faced with the small issue of this blog. The direction of this blog has been on my mind for many months now and going about as Dutch as I possibly can just puts more fuel on that particular fire. Whilst I mull this all over I intend to take a blogging hiatus, on this blog in any case (I will still be scribbling over on Happy Sensitive Kids) whilst I consider where to go from here.

I will still be popping up with articles (including one planned for Amsterdam Mamas on the naturalisation process I have just been through) and sharing the excitement of a Kick Starter campaign with you which begins next week for our upcoming book Knocked Up Abroad Again. I will remain fully active on the Expat Life Facebook page and on Twitter, sharing news and updates there. You can also catch up with me and my scribbles on http://www.amandavanmulligen.com.

So I’m not disappearing – I’m merely collecting my thoughts and deciding on the next move….. get in touch if you have a brilliant idea you’d like to share with me!


8 thoughts on “Gone Dutch and Now What?”

  1. congratulations!!

    I have been Dutch for a long time now and pretty much don't call myself an Expat anymore. However, part of me will always be “different” than the Dutch and I'm very ok with that. I'm not 100% American. I'm not 100% Dutch. Sometimes its an odd place to be and other times it's actually just fine 🙂

    whatever you decide, I'm happy to follow along!

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    1. This is exactly how I feel. Not 100% British but I’m not Dutch either. Will always be ‘different ‘. Very strange feeling. What I do love is that in a couple of weeks time I can vote in a general election for the first time in 16 ½ years! That makes me proud!


  2. Still weighing the pros and cons of taking Dutch nationality. My kids enjoy going through customs in England with their British passport and coming back with their Dutch ones….the shortest queue and with their perfect accents they almost feel like spies🙄 I think with two nationalities you will always be in some way special and privileged , having the best of both.


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