Looking Forward

As I write I am surrounded by boxes. Boxes waiting to be transported to their next destination by a removal company tomorrow.

There are spaces on the walls where photos and pictures hung; faded squares of colour  take their place on the walls.

Looking ForwardMy emotions swing from relief to sadness on an hourly basis. This house has been our home for fifteen years and the memories made here are trapped within its walls. There have been babies brought home here, toddlers taking their first steps and birthdays galore celebrated here as my three sons grow. There has been laughter, friendship, tears and love. There has been so much growth. There have been bumps we have bundled our way over.

Fifteen years is a long time. And a lot happens in fifteen years.

I am sad to say goodbye to a huge chapter in our lives.

But the truth is we have outgrown this house – physically and emotionally. My family and I yearn for more space, more green, more quiet. I am relieved that we will have all that. My sons love their new home. It fits them. It fits us.

For the last two weeks we have been living between two houses; packing up one house and working hard to make another feel a little like home in the short space of time we had.

The boys’ bedrooms are ready for them – the football, space and animal themes they chose.

The rest of the house is a work in progress. We have a list of workmen who are (or who will be) busy with various projects.

But we are ready to make the new house ours. It will take time to get the house how we picture it, but I do know that the future beckons us. We’d rather look forward than back.

Tomorrow a new adventure starts. Wish us luck.


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