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Settling In to Our New Home

So, we’ve moved. Tomorrow our ‘old’ house passes to new owners and our property ties with the west are officially broken. We are now firmly established in the east of the Netherlands.

The stress over the last few months has been enormous. We have said so many goodbyes and there were tears.Settling In to Our New Home

We got the key to our new house at the end of July, and our house in Zoetermeer was cleared out on the 8th of August. A day later everything we own was transferred to our new house.

Since then there has been a lot of unpacking, decorating – and building work. As I type a window is being put into what will be a family bathroom and later today a hole is being made in a ceiling so that stairs to the attic can be placed next week.

Settling In to Our New HomeOur kitchen is feeling very sorry for itself – next month there will be work on the ceiling, walls and electrics. In October, all being well, a new kitchen will be placed.

In the same month new windows and doors will be put in.

Much work on our new home has started but is not yet finished. There’s a long way to go.

But we’ve come a long way too. We have reached the part of hellos and smiles.

My three sons started last week at their new school. They were disappointed when we reached the weekend. They were delighted again on Sunday evening that they could go to school the next day.

My seven year old has, much to his delight, joined the local football club, which trains and plays quite literally at the end of our garden.

My eldest has joined a local archery club (part of a schuttersgilde which are numerous on this side of the country).

They are both an active part of a schuttersdag this weekend.

There are play dates galore and our house is often full of children who are not mine.

Settling In to Our New HomeWe have two new additions to the family – and two more on the way. We have two kittens from the animal shelter and we are preparing a home for two rabbits who will join us next week.

We’re making our new house a home. Slowly, but surely.


3 thoughts on “Settling In to Our New Home”

  1. It sounds like the children are happy – and getting new kittens is always a way to make a place feel more like yours. Nice to see everything is coming together for you!

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