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Grandparenting From Afar

When you move overseas you inevitably leave family behind. That, more often than not, includes separating your children from their grandparents with more miles than you'd like. However, living in different countries doesn't mean your children won't get to build a good, loving, healthy relationship with their grandparents. It's more about effort than it is… Continue reading Grandparenting From Afar

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Expat Family Ties: Far Away but not Distant

I wrote a guest post for Your Expat Child on the topic of expats staying in touch with their extended family. Geography does not determine the success of a relationship. I know first hand and it's a subject very close to my heart."There is a saying that grandchildren are the reward for being a good… Continue reading Expat Family Ties: Far Away but not Distant

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Why We Should Tell Our Children Expat Tales

A love story with a trailerPhoto Credit:Michal Zacharzewski SXCMy eldest son is at the age where he has started asking lots of questions about my past, about how life was in England, how I met his father and how I came to the Netherlands. It's a fabulous period of curiosity but also a great reminder for me… Continue reading Why We Should Tell Our Children Expat Tales

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Choosing to Live Away from Family

This post is inspired by a post on Just. Be. Enough about choosing to live close to family and a follow up post by Abby entitled "Choosing to Live Far from Home". One post talks about living close to your parents, in the town you grew up in, and the other talks about how it… Continue reading Choosing to Live Away from Family