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Grandparenting From Afar

When you move overseas you inevitably leave family behind. That, more often than not, includes separating your children from their grandparents with more miles than you'd like. However, living in different countries doesn't mean your children won't get to build a good, loving, healthy relationship with their grandparents. It's more about effort than it is… Continue reading Grandparenting From Afar

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Why Everyone Should Live Abroad at Least Once in Their Lives

If you have never lived overseas, even for a few months, then you should. Living abroad changes you. Whether your stay overseas is a temporary move, or an indefinite adventure, being an expat is an enriching experience. Moving to another country is life changing. Here’s why I think everyone should do it, at least once… Continue reading Why Everyone Should Live Abroad at Least Once in Their Lives

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King’s Day in the Netherlands

This week sees the Dutch taking to the streets in honour of the king's birthday. He'll be in Groningen with his family this year but the celebrations will be country wide. At the forefront of any King's Day celebration are children's events. You can read more in my post over on Multicultural Kid Blogs: Celebrating King’s… Continue reading King’s Day in the Netherlands

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10 Fun Facts About the Netherlands on Multicultural Kid Blogs

How much do you really know about the Netherlands? Isn't there more to the country than the windmill, cheese and clog stereotypes that everyone associates with the Dutch? Head over to the Multicultural Kid Blogs website to read 10 fun facts about the Netherlands!  

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How Two Peuterspeelzaal Teachers Changed How I Parent My Sons

I am the mother of three highly sensitive sons. I myself am highly sensitive. I learnt this fact because of amazing teachers at my eldest son's peuterspeelzaal. They recognised traits and behaviours in him at the age of three that are consistent with being highly sensitive. Goodbyes in school were heart wrenching for him from… Continue reading How Two Peuterspeelzaal Teachers Changed How I Parent My Sons

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Are You Parenting Dutch Style?

Has raising your children in the Netherlands rubbed off on your parenting style? Does seeing the letters HAVO make you frown in confusion or smile in recognition? How do your children get to school? What food constitutes breakfast in your house?My latest article for Amsterdam Mamas will help you decide just how far you've gone… Continue reading Are You Parenting Dutch Style?

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An Overseas Love Turns Life Upside Down

With Valentine's day around the corner AngloInfo has been running a series called Lovepats. It's all about those expats among us who moved overseas for love. And so when I was asked to contribute my story I was happy to oblige.....Anyone who has moved overseas to be with a partner will know that it turns… Continue reading An Overseas Love Turns Life Upside Down