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When The Netherlands Freezes Over

Biting cold weather approaching the Netherlands means only one thing: the Dutch start whispering about an Elfstedentocht. With the announcement last week of freezing temperatures reaching the Netherlands from Siberia the chatter started. If you stopped what you were doing and listened you could hear millions of ice skating blades being sharpened in anticipation. Would… Continue reading When The Netherlands Freezes Over

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New Dutch New Year Traditions: Carbidschieten

It's time for the traditional oliebollen, bonfires and fireworks in the Netherlands but this year we'll be experiencing something new because we now live in the east of the country. This year we'll experience live carbidschieten. Just goes to show that even after seventeen years in a country you can still encounter new things. Our… Continue reading New Dutch New Year Traditions: Carbidschieten

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9 Ways to be Gezellig Dutch Style

Gezellig means cosy and content. It's the Dutch equivalent of hygge. Think of it like the human version of a cat purring. Here are 9 ways you can get yourself some Dutch gezelligheid. 1. Make Appointments The Dutch, in general, don't appreciate you turning up on the doorstep to invite yourself in for a cup of… Continue reading 9 Ways to be Gezellig Dutch Style

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5 Ways to Embrace a Dutch December

December in the Netherlands means ferrying the children to school in near-darkness and evenings that draw in early. The temperatures take a nosedive and there’s every chance that snow will form a blanket over this little land. But a Dutch December certainly doesn’t spell doom and gloom. Winter in the Netherlands can be a lot… Continue reading 5 Ways to Embrace a Dutch December

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15 Habits for 15 Years in the Netherlands

As regular readers will already know this month marks fifteen years for me in the Netherlands. It's impossible to live in another country for fifteen years and not pick up the habits of the locals. Here's fifteen things I now do that I didn't do before I moved to the Netherlands*.UFOs are just one Dutch… Continue reading 15 Habits for 15 Years in the Netherlands

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17 Must Have Items to Survive a Dutch Winter

Today marks the official start of winter. It's time to store autumn in your memory banks and get ready for the onslaught of colder, greyer, darker days. Some winters in the Netherlands are more, well, wintry than others. Last year was a rubbish winter. Surviving last winter was something everyone could do with their eyes… Continue reading 17 Must Have Items to Survive a Dutch Winter

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My Expat Bucket List – 10 Dutch Things I Want to Do

As I mentioned last week, a new expat blogger's link up starts today and it will stay open for a month. This time it's all about the things you still want to see, do or experience in the country you currently call home.I realised whilst writing my expat reverse bucket list that there are still some… Continue reading My Expat Bucket List – 10 Dutch Things I Want to Do