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I’m a Dutch Mama Not an English Mummy

Do you prefer┬áto be called mama or papa, like the Dutch use, or the terms in your native language? In my English case, this would be mummy. A Bilingual Household I speak English to my sons. The idea was always that they would then speak English back to me. It's an ongoing battle experiment. However,… Continue reading I’m a Dutch Mama Not an English Mummy

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10 Fun Facts About the Netherlands on Multicultural Kid Blogs

How much do you really know about the Netherlands? Isn't there more to the country than the windmill, cheese and clog stereotypes that everyone associates with the Dutch? Head over to the Multicultural Kid Blogs website to read 10 fun facts about the Netherlands!  

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Knocked Up Abroad Again: Parenting Abroad

When a mother is born it's a beautiful thing. When she's living abroad that experience is something even more - beautiful but also scary, funny, mystifying and certainly a journey full of bumps in the road and cultural (mis)adventures. That's what our book 'Knocked Up Abroad Again' is all about - the magical experience of… Continue reading Knocked Up Abroad Again: Parenting Abroad