10 Expat Career Tips on Turning Dutch

10 Expat Career Tips

If you are moving or living abroad but want to ensure that your career remains intact in some form or another, here are ten pointers: 1. Think creatively You may need to rethink your career path but with creative thinking you can end up going in a surprising and fun, albeit new, direction. Now is… Continue reading 10 Expat Career Tips

Dutch Dads Teach Us About Work Life Balance
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Dutch Dads Teach Us About Work Life Balance

Ever heard the term papadag? About half of new Dutch dads take a regular papadag. And when it comes to work life balance many Dutch people know what they are doing, This month I am taking part in a challenge to write a daily post for The Good Men Project. To read today's offering head… Continue reading Dutch Dads Teach Us About Work Life Balance