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I’m a Dutch Mama Not an English Mummy

Do you prefer┬áto be called mama or papa, like the Dutch use, or the terms in your native language? In my English case, this would be mummy. A Bilingual Household I speak English to my sons. The idea was always that they would then speak English back to me. It's an ongoing battle experiment. However,… Continue reading I’m a Dutch Mama Not an English Mummy

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Knocked Up Abroad Again: Parenting Abroad

When a mother is born it's a beautiful thing. When she's living abroad that experience is something even more - beautiful but also scary, funny, mystifying and certainly a journey full of bumps in the road and cultural (mis)adventures. That's what our book 'Knocked Up Abroad Again' is all about - the magical experience of… Continue reading Knocked Up Abroad Again: Parenting Abroad

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Being Introvert. Being Me.

Since I delved into the world of highly sensitive children I have learnt so much more about myself. Since I became a mother, I have learnt to accept being me. For as long as I can remember I have been labelled as shy. It has negative connotations. Shyness is a negative trait. I have long… Continue reading Being Introvert. Being Me.